Working with the best

loggique is delighted to announce that it will be working with one of the top hotels in the UK to offer some uniquely exciting scented candle workshops. On the 19th and 20th February, we will be hosting two events to introduce over 30 people to the joys of making delicious scents with natural waxes that are paraffin free.

If you would like to come on a Scented Candle workshop here at Letheringham Lodge, please send us your contact details and we will organise an open day in the Spring for you.


Landscape and Light l l II

A huge huge thankyou to the 11 artists who came for the 5-day residency here at Letheringham Lodge and produced the most stunning pieces of art on the 26 January. Over 200 people came to the Private View held that night and all said the show was a great success.

Please have a look at the work which was achieved by visiting and if you are interested in becoming one of our artists for the next one, please do get in touch.


A massive thankyou to Letheringham Mill and Butley Priory

We are extremely appreciative to you both for choosing loggique to craft your in-house fragrance for your guests this Christmas. Your orders for over 100 candles officially marked the launch of loggique.

Your journey into making aromatic spaces for your guests has started and it is so wonderful to think that you chose us as your partner. 

We're already thinking of new possibilities for your personalised scent!

  Bespoke candles and soap for Letheringham Mill to give as gifts for Christmas this year

Bespoke candles and soap for Letheringham Mill to give as gifts for Christmas this year

Many thanks to you both. xxx


loggique - magical scents from a medieval setting

We are proud to announce the launch of a micro start-up business here at Letheringham Lodge. 

loggique is a bespoke scent creator working with you to design a scent for a wedding, party or for your special space. We work with you to design a scent which best describes you and then we produce together any of the following:

  • scented natural candles
  • SLS free soap with natural oils
  • and/or blended essential oils for diffusers/evaporators/burners

We work with a carefully selected set of scent and essential oil suppliers to bring you the very best quality fragrances blended to suit your needs. 

If it is for a wedding or event, you may want to come here and actually make the candles and soaps yourself. Do have a look at our accommodation to see if you would like to make a little mini-break of the endeavour.

If you are interested, have a look at our website and do just call us on 07545 127 264 for a no-obligation visit here to discuss your ideas.


Invitation to View 2017

It was a great delight to once again open our doors for Invitation to View. We hid all the dirty wellies and half eaten dog toys; polished the banisters and warmed the home-made scones.

This year we are doing 8 days and they have booked surprisingly well. If you would like to put your name down for the September dates, please do book early to avoid disappointment as the ad people say (sic)!

For those lovely people, who have just visited, if you would like a copy of the presentation, you are most welcome to take a copy direct from here.

Every year, we discover more and more fascinating facts about the Lodge and this year was no exception. A huge thankyou to all those people who revealed things about the history or the previous owners.

We had stories about:

  • an alcoholic past owner nakedly shaking their naked wife over the moat by her ankles to get her to reveal where the cellar key was hidden; 
  • the developer who put double-glazing in the Lodge from his long lost cousin; and
  • modern day Wingfields who are finding connections for all the historic Wingfield buildings.
 Philip Aitken from 2016 and his wise and learned History Group

Philip Aitken from 2016 and his wise and learned History Group



Finally Letheringham Lodge has a business grade fibre Internet connection

After a massive wait, while the road was dug up to our telephone exchange, we have now got a wonderful business class internet connection. It is very fast, reliable and had massive future expansion built in.

The connection is based on a 100M bit per second leased line, with a second one connected but dormant ready for quick commissioning and the option of 2 more if we need them in the future. The circuits are uncontested, in other words we do not share them with anyone else, this means we get a truly business class service. The circuit is symmetrical, which means both downloads and uploads are the same fast speed.

Lots of thanks to TalkTalk Business for working so hard on getting this installed, it has turned out to be a year long project! TalkTalk Business really helped us out with a temporary solution while we were waiting - and waiting - for OpenReach to install the fibre.

Big Smile!