Scent blending and candle-making workshop

‘The fabled musk deer searches the world over for the source of the scent from which it is derived’
Ramakrishna Paramahamsa 1836

  • Interested in discovering a scent that might describe you?

  • Interested in discovering the secrets of candle-making?

  • Interested in discovering a new hobby which is almost guaranteed to become an obsession?

Every week, Loggique offers an in-depth scented candle-making course:

You will learn about:

  • the pros and cons of synthetically produced scents versus essential oils

  • the art of blending scents to ensure the best potpourri smell as well as the optimum scent throw

  • which scents are available from whom and at what price

  • what natural waxes are available and which ones are best for which type of candle

  • where the best suppliers to source wax in small quantities and wholesale

  • the best method for correct wicking: example slab tests

  • where to source containers and lids, boxes and labels.

In summary, you will learn everything you need to know to make professional scented container candles for yourself and for gifts. This specific course does not cover selling candles professionally as a start-up business. 

Cost is £60 per person and includes refreshments, one 30cl candle and a 25ml Perfume which you have blended yourself. To find out more about the programme, please click here or phone to discuss dates you might like to come. There is minimum of 2 people and a maximum of 15.

Cancelling - Ts & Cs
If things crop up that you weren’t planning, don’t panic we will try our best to work something out:

  • if you cancel 30 days or more before your workshop we are more than happy to refund you completely because we usually have a waiting list so no problems.

  • if you cancel between 14 and 28 days before your workshop, we’re really happy for you to select another date from our schedule.

  • if you cancel within 14 days, we will send you a selection of three of our finest scented candles with a handwritten card to say who much we missed you! Fair’s fair!