Finally Letheringham Lodge has a business grade fibre Internet connection

After a massive wait, while the road was dug up to our telephone exchange, we have now got a wonderful business class internet connection. It is very fast, reliable and had massive future expansion built in.

The connection is based on a 100M bit per second leased line, with a second one connected but dormant ready for quick commissioning and the option of 2 more if we need them in the future. The circuits are uncontested, in other words we do not share them with anyone else, this means we get a truly business class service. The circuit is symmetrical, which means both downloads and uploads are the same fast speed.

Lots of thanks to TalkTalk Business for working so hard on getting this installed, it has turned out to be a year long project! TalkTalk Business really helped us out with a temporary solution while we were waiting - and waiting - for OpenReach to install the fibre.

Big Smile!