Opening our doors to magic people

It is that time of the year that we joyously open our mad little pad to the public and invite history societies and Invitation to View visitors to tour the house and grounds.

Yesterday, the Ufford History Society came and despite teasing showers of rain, the tours were a great success. Some interesting history theories were abound which we will put to the next set of historians. Maureen Morgan saved the day by being the best sous-tea-chef in the history of this Lodge!

A huge huge thank you to who produced the cakes! Everyone was extremely flattering about 'my' carrot cake. They were kind enough to offer a 30% discount as it was a community event. No food other than yours will ever pass my lips.

Today Suffolk Preservation Society is coming and we have a huge debt of gratitude to them for helping us fend off aggressive developers.

Saturday sees the Suffolk Historical Building Society visit us and on Sunday and Monday we have Invitation to View.

Again, a huge thank you to